Astronomy at a Touch – Nikola Tesla Technical Museum


Astronomy at a Touch is exhibition held in Nikola Tesla Technical Museum in Zagreb. The exhibition is showing the technical achievements in astronomy.

The Technical Museum in Zagreb is established in 1954 and since then is following the progress in science and technology. Exhibition Astronomy at a Touch is taking visitors on a historical journey through inventions that heped discovering the secrets of the universe.

With objects, legends and text that are shown, the visitors will be educated about instruments and technical achievements in astronomy. The goal of exhibition is presenting the significance of technological developments trough history. The exhibition will be interesting for kids as well as for adults, especially for the ones that are in love with astronomy.

Before discovery of the telescope in the middle of 17th century the only that has been known about the universe were the things that could be seen with a naked eye. So, the history of astronomy is divided in two parts, before and after discovery of telescope.

Another important invention is invention of a precision watch that helped measurement of star coordinates and measuring time in 18th century. About that time other measuring instruments where discovered, such as octane and sextant which enabled accurate measurement of angular distances of celestial bodies.

During 19th century scientists still didn’t know much about stars, in 20th century they discovered many new facts about the universe.

Visit Nikola Tesla Technical Museum in Zagreb and start this miraculous journey through history reveling the secrets of the universe. The exhibition Astronomy at a Touch is on till 10th March 2019.

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