Cest is d’ Best – Zagreb Street Festival


Cest is d’ Best is the oldest street festival in Croatia, and one of the most visited manifestations in Zagreb. Festival is established in 1997 and through years it becomes internationally recognized festival that gathers artists with different talents from all over the world. During the festival center of Zagreb becomes a playful stage full of multidisciplinary performers.

This year for 23rd time in a row, streets of Zagreb will become the festival stage between 29th of May and 2nd of June. Cest is d’ Best festival offers more than 700 hours of program on streets and squares in Zagreb.

Festival program could be seen at six stages in town: The Flower Square, the EU Square, the “Pramen” Performer Plaza, Zrinjevac – the Kids’ Cest Is D’best – Family Oasis, the Bogoviceva Street, the Club & Cinema Strossmartre Left of Zagrebs Funicular – Upper Station.

For the Flower Square, known by the locals as Cvjetni plac, is prepared great show with attractive performers from all over the world during the day and concerts in the evening.

The EU square is new festival location. On this small square you will be able to see different kind of street performers, musicians, shows and concerts.

The Jelačić Square is the main Zagreb square and the heart of Cest is d’ Best festival. There is festival stage called The Pramen Performer Plaza. Where you can, on the one place, in the center of Zagreb you can feel like traveling all around the world with all those talented artists. Every evening there will be special music program with concerts and dance shows.

Zrinjevac, park in the center of Zagreb, is reserved for kids. Once again it will become the family oasis filled with educational activities, art workshops, playgroups and more. In the evening, there will be music shows and opportunity to dance.

The Bogoviceva street is located between the Flower Square and the Jelačić Square. It is a moving stage, with wondering programmers, cheerful, colorful groups of artists and performers.

During the festival Stross, the promenade in upper town becomes Cest is d’ Best festival club. If you want to feel this special party spirit of the festival, you should definitely come at Stross at the late evening hours.

During the Festival Zagreb becomes open-air stage for different kind of performers, actors, dancers, musicians and other artists. Cest is d’ Best is the unique manifestation worth of, not just seeing, but experiencing. Visit Zagreb between 29th of May and 2nd of June and become the part of the living stage.

Where to stay in Zagreb during the Cest is d’ Best festival

In the very heart of Zagreb, you can find nice bed & breakfast hotel called Hotel Jadran. Hotel is recently renovated and offers perfect combination of comfortable accommodation, modern design and long tradition charm. Hotel is located in the city center core, just a few steps away from all the festival fun and all city attractions.

Another great hotel in the center of Zagreb is Sheraton Hotel Zagreb. Hotel offers comfortable and lavish accommodation in spacious rooms and suits. This elegant hotel offers enjoyable accommodation, restaurant with delicious local dishes, wellness and more. This hotel is also located in the center of the city, near all festival stages and other worth seeing attractions.

The festival dates are coming closer, so book your stay in Zagreb now.

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