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Story about Zagreb traditional cuisine has a lot to tell. A set of various cultural influences through the history left a mark on what today is known as a Zagreb traditional cuisine. Most of the dishes known as a part of Zagreb traditional cuisine are based on Austro-Hungarian tradition, but Oriental and Mediterranean influence also found a place in it.

Croatia is well known for sea food, but when you are in Zagreb you should try traditional continental food. You have a various choice from appetizers, main courses, pastries, desserts, drinks and of course great wine. All made with homemade groceries and ingredients.

The most famous Zagreb appetizer is mixture of homemade cottage cheese and sour cream. Fresh ingredients for that simple dish you can buy every day on Dolac marketplace, the biggest marketplace in Zagreb located near the main square. Cottage cheese and sour cream are symbol of Zagreb and north-west Croatian cuisine.

Another famous traditional dish is called štrukli. It’s a pastry filled with cottage cheese and sour cream that can be prepared boiled and baked, sweet or sour and could be served as appetizer or dessert.

For main course you must try specialty typical for Zagreb and Zagorje called purica s mlincima. It’s a traditional holiday meal that can be found on family tables all over this region. Purica is roasted turkey, mlinci are pasta tatters soaked in boiling in water and finished in the gravy from the roast turkey.

Zagreb traditional cuisine

There is a various range of different dishes you must try while in Zagreb. Zagreb steak is a breaded and fried veal steak stuffed with ham and cheese. Krpice sa zeljem are pasta flakes with cabbage, often prepared in traditional cuisine. Kotlovina is a name for special method of preparing meet, sausages and vegetables on open fire and cooked for hours.

For all those who like sweets and pastries Zagreb traditional cuisine has a lot to offer. In traditional pastry Austrian and Oriental influence can be felt. Most usual deserts are strudels with various stuffing like apples, fresh cheese, cherries and traditional pumpkin. There is also many other well known traditional sweets like orehnjača (roll with walnut stuffing), makovnjača (roll with poppy seeds stuffing).

The symbol of Zagreb traditional pastry is paprenjak, traditional biscuit similar to gingerbread because its spicy taste. This cookie is made of black pepper and honey, they are often nicely decorated, and you can take it home like a souvenir.

And lastly, the wine. Zagreb is surrounded by different wine making regions and here you can find the top quality wine from all over the country. Zagreb is close to well known wine regions Zagorje and Međimurje. But also, in Zagreb proximity is situated mountain Plešivica, one of the most prominent vineyard area in Croatia well known for its vineyards, wine roads and high quality wine varieties such as Riesling, Graševina, Chardonnay, Sauvignon blanc, Pinot blanc and Pinot. You should also try gemišt, it is a mixture of cold sparkling mineral water and crisp white wine, locals favorite refreshment drink.

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