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Zagreb is capital of Croatia, and truly worth of visiting. Even though most of the tourists are attracted to Croatian coastline, Zagreb as a city of inland Croatia has a lot to offer. Zagreb is full of diverse range of sights. In Zagreb you can see different historical and cultural attractions, but also a lot off fun events and festivals, especially during the summertime.

How long to stay and what to see

If you are the person who prefers visiting city for cultural monuments you will enjoy in Zagreb museums, galleries and religious sites.

Zagreb Cathedral is monumental building in Neo-Gothic stile, built as it is today by German architect Hermann Bollé in late 19th century.

Saint Mark’s Church is a Zagreb icon. Church is recognizable by its colorful roof and it’s the oldest church in town, dating back to 13th century.

Mirogoj cemetery is listed among the most beautiful cemeteries in Europe. Famous for its arcades, rich vegetation and art works it is one of the most stunning places in Zagreb.

Museum Mimara is one of the world’s largest private art collections. It contains the 3750 works of art donated by Ante Topć Mimara. Impressive collection contains work of numerous famous artists.

National Theatre is architectural masterpiece crated by Viennese designers Ferdinand Fellner and Herman Helmer. Theatre was officially opened in 1895. National Theatre is located near Museum Mimara.

Something completely different is just across the street of National Theatre. It’s a new built, modern building of Zagreb Music Academy. It’s interesting to see such a diversity existing so near to each other.

Museum of broken relationship is one of the most popular touristic attractions in Zagreb. Located in the Upper Town museums contains unusual souvenirs, personal letters and other stuff that were left behind after ended relationships.

Upper Town is not just full of cultural sits but it a place where you can enjoy the view of the city and different events. All summer long there is manifestation called Summer at the Stross, located at the Strossmayer Promenade offering music programs, drinks and food in the evening hours.

If you are interested in city life, Zagreb is hosting many different events during summertime, like classical music concerts on the open-air, book festival in the park, film festivals on the open-air cinema and more.

One of the interesting events is called The Courtyards that offers the opportunity to see and fell the story of Zagreb hidden courtyards. Every summer Zagreb residents and guests can peek behind the walls of beautiful places of Upper Town.

If you are nature lover, you must definitely see lake Jarun, the biggest lake in Zagreb. Locals favorite place for refreshment, rest and recreation.

Park Maksimir is one of the oldest public parks in the world. Beautiful oak forests, meadows and lakes makes this park stunning piece of garden architecture and perfect place to rest from city life. Zagreb ZOO is located in part of the park Maksimir so when you get there you should visit ZOO to.

That is just a small part of must-see Zagreb attractions. So, how long you should stay depends on it how much of it would like to visit. If you are staying for just 2-3 day visit sites in the city center. If you can stay 5-7 days visit Zagreb surround surroundings, parks and mount Medvednica.

No matter how long you stay you must try local cuisine and vine.

How to get to Zagreb

It’s easy to get in Zagreb. City is accessible by plains, buses, trains and cars. Airport is god connected with the city by bus lines, main bus station is near center and train station is in the heart of Zagreb.

Different parts of Zagreb are god connected by public transportation. Center of Zagreb you can cross by feat and enjoy sightseeing, or you can rent a bike. A numerous taxi services are also available.

Where to stay in Zagreb

Depending on your preferences you can chose the premium hotel The Westin Zagreb, located in the center of the city, near Mimara Museum and National Theatre. Hotel offers accommodation in luxurious rooms and suites with use of modern wellness and fitness studio.

Sheraton Zagreb Hotel offers modern end elegant rooms, located near the center of the city, next to the main train station. Hotel is known by pleasant, modern ambient and hotel restaurant which is offering numerous specialties of local cuisine.

You can pick your room at the tallest hotel in Croatia, Panorama Zagreb Hotel and enjoy the stunning view on the city from your own room. Hotel has modern rooms and restaurant with rich offer of delicious local dishes.

Whatever you chose, you will not be disappointed. Zagreb is stunning city to visit, especially during summer.

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