Pub Crawl in Zagreb


All of you that are visiting Zagreb with intention to have a great time, party like a local and get into best pubs, bars and clubs join some of Zagreb Pub Crawls.

Pub Crawls is term that describes a group of people visiting more pubs or bars in one night. Pub Crawl tours are imagined as tours guided by locals in Zagreb best pubs, bars and popular places to go out. Meet new people, play games and visit the craziest clubs in town. Pub Crawl is in essential visiting a few pubs or bars before getting in a club where you can stay dancing till morning.

You don’t have to wonder around all night trying to find the best club or great crowd. Pub Crawl is taking care of it. You will be guided by locals with a group of people from all over the world. Pub Crawls are great for young travelers looking to meet new friends and gain crazy experience of party in a new town. Thanks to local guide you will be introduced to the best places to have fun in town.

Pub Crawls, or bar crawl term is originated in Great Britain where small pubs and bars where lined up in short walking distance. So, they developed habit of walking form one to another and it became a group thing. Pub crawls become popular in 20th century with a grow of travelers and tourism. Some cities in Europe started to organize pub crawls as a meet up events for locals and tourist, and pub crawls become really popular in cities around the world.

All idea behind the pub crawl is for people to socialize and create new bonds with different people form around the world. Today pub crawls grown in much more than just hoping from one bar to another. Many organizers offer different kinds of pub crawls to make it one of a kind experience.

In Zagreb you can every night get a pub crawl tour that includes open bar, visiting different locations, welcome shots, VIP entry in the most popular clubs for free and special discount in bars, restaurants, souvenir shops and more. Bigger groups can get their private pub crawl tours.

Zagreb craft beer scene is getting bigger with more than 100 crafts you can tray. If you are craft beer fun choose craft beer tour. Discover Zagreb crafts with local guides. Try the best local craft beer and enter the most popular clubs in Zagreb.

If you would like to experience Zagreb night life but don’t know the city, take one of pub crawl tours and be ready to have a great time, explore Zagreb in a different way and make a new friends.

Some things to know before taking the pub crawl

Pub crawls are not a sightseeing tour. Your local guides may tell you some interesting facts about the town but don’t expect them to be your tourist guide.

Be prepared for some walking. The whole point is to visit more places, so you will need to do some walking form one to another.

The guide is not your keeper so know your limits while drinking, you want to enjoy this, not to be sick. Another thing, in Zagreb is not allowed to drink alcohol on the street. If you drink walking down the street you could get a fine.

Pay attention on the information your guide gives you abut the pub crawl, like what are included in price or when you leave pub.

Like all god things, and pub crawls need to end, usually by entering in a bigger pub or a night club so the fun doesn’t stop.

Remember that all your drinks during the night are not included in price so bring some extra money and remember or write your hotel address to make easier to get back in the middle of the night.

Where to Stay in Zagreb

There is a great bed & breakfast hotel in the heat of Zagreb called Jadran Hotel. This hotel is on the great location near Zagreb main square and all the fun. During the day you could visit all city attractions that are in near proximity of this hotel, and after a night out you will get in your bed pretty fast without need for taking taxi or night bus.

Hotel offers modern and comfortable accommodation units with great service, delicious breakfast and wi-fi connection in all rooms.

Book your stay now and explore Zagreb in a different way.

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